Excellence in Sustainability

Nominees in this category have shown vision and commitment to actions that are "sustainable" and lead to social, economic, and environmental benefit while they were pursuing their degree at Humboldt State University. The student who receives this award has engaged the community in education and advocacy around sustainability and shows continued effort to help keep HSU at the forefront of sustainability education and work!

The Brian Lorensen Residence Life Staff

The Brian Lorensen Residence Life Staff Award celebrates a special element of leadership: the ability to inspire. The award is in honor of a student leader who gave of himself to everyone he met; who without even knowing, inspired and motivated; who found a way to see the positive in everyone and who relished in personal challenge and growth. This award goes to the Residence Life Staff who best exemplifies these qualities of inspiration, motivation, compassion and commitment to living and learning.

Al Elpusan Award for Student Activism

This award has traditionally been conferred upon a student with a vision and commitment to make a positive change. Nominees in this category will leave an enduring legacy at Humboldt State University after they depart. These students may have endeavored to build working coalitions and common ground, stepped beyond stereotypes, bridged communication gaps, brought together people from diverse backgrounds to work together. This award is named in memory of the 1987‐88 HSU Associated Students President, Al Elpusan.